Fellowes® 79CI PowerShred™ Cross Cut Paper Shredder


Fellowes® 79CI PowerShred™ Cross Cut Paper Shredder

The highest in the range of – small/home office shredders, the Fellowes® 79CI PowerShred™ delivers 3 levels of advanced jam prevention with the patented 100% Jam Proof system. The machine offers cross cut shredding, running continuously for 20 minutes. The cross cutting mechanism will shred document into approximately 400 particles offering a security level of DIN – P4. The Fellowes® 79CI is also able to shred CD’s, plastic cards and even documents with staples or paper clips.

  • WarrantyUnlimited service visits
  • Islandwide SupportQuick response time
  • Global BrandsPremium quality assurance
  • Sales Hotline(+94) 77 022 2999

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